Innovative and Expert Classroom Lessons and Specialist Programs


The Victorian Curriculum is the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum that provides a single, coherent and comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards, which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.


Currently, the curriculum programs are delivered with a mix of classroom lessons and specialist programs in:

Some of the amazing things that make our school great!

We have our own bus, that is free for all children, and gives us the chance to operate a mobile classroom. Our Market BBQ and Op shop raise the funds to keep our bus on the road.

Our unique Outdoor Education Program, Physical Education and Sporting programs run by Cory Smithett are a feature of our school.  Our camping program begins in Prep with Breakfast, Lunch at Sorrento Park, and the Dinner Dance. Grade 1 have a camping day at school, and Grade 2 have an overnight camp at school or offsite.

The Grade 3 and 4 children camp in the schools tents and participate in the Water Safety program, which includes the use of our state of the art trailer and equipment.  Surfing, fishing, snorkelling, paddling craft(Stand up and canoe), Scurfing behind boats, Boating safety, lifesaving, and much more.

Our PE program teaches students skills in 27 different sports, and offers Triathlon, Swimming sports, Tennis tournament, Golf tournament, Athletics sports, Afterschool sporting program includes Auskick in term 2, Lunchtime sporting program, Before school basketball academy in term 4 in partnership with the Rosebud Secondary School.

Our outstanding music program coordinated by Lara Krieger includes traditional bands, rock band, instrumental tuition and sequential specialist lessons as part of the week’s program. Annual school participation in the Wakakiri and the school festival provide further enrichment for the Performing Arts and English programs.

Our curriculum programs also support the integrated curriculum where units of work are designed for students to participate in at each year level.

Currently, the curriculum programs are delivered with a mix of classroom lessons and specialist programs in Art, Music, Sustainability. ICT and Physical Education. Grouping of pupils include the traditional year level structures and one composite grouping.

The school encourages staff co-operation and support with co-operative teaching teams being successfully developed at all levels of the school. Teaching and learning practices are evaluated as part of the continuous professional development program.


At Rosebud Primary School we believe that learning is a consequence of thinking.  The English curriculum aims to ensure that students learn to listen, read, view, speak, write, create, think and reflect.  All lessons are structured to cater for the individual needs of all students through authentic and meaningful tasks.  A differentiated curriculum is provided, giving everyone equal opportunities to learn by not teaching everyone in exactly the same way.  An English Specialist and an English Intervention teacher are also employed to provide extra support, intervention and extension to Grade 1-5 students.

THRASS is used to teach spelling (Teaching Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills).  It is a teaching tool based on the principle that, while there are 26 letters in the alphabet, there are 44 speech sounds (phonemes) in spoken English.  All students have their own THRASS chart which shows all of the sounds pictorially.  THRASS is integrated throughout all English lessons.



At Rosebud Primary School, ‘We approach Maths knowing we may not find the answer straight away, but thinking about it is fun!’

Through games, problem solving, real life, hands on Maths, all students have a shared responsibility with their teachers to learn and apply their understandings in the standards; Number, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability.

All lessons provide a clear focus for students so they have the opportunity to celebrate success and are structured to cater for each child’s individual needs. A Maths junior and senior specialist are also employed to work closely with students who require both intervention and extension. We believe all students can succeed in Mathematics and have a strong focus on ensuring all our students have a growth mindset.


Our goal is “To provide to our students stimulating and authentic learning experiences designed to promote the creation and implementation of effective STEM education that results in global citizens who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.”.

In Science and I.C.T. we are continuing to expand our focus on a STEM based specialist subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). STEM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.  This results in students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!  STEM is an approach that is being followed through at all local secondary schools.  It incorporates a range of I.T. skills and coding, through to robotics, problem solving challenges, science and scientific theories, science fairs, construction, 3D CAD design, electronics and much more.


The Music Program offers students the opportunity to gain Musical knowledge and skills, express themselves through creativity, participate in enjoyable tasks and develop a lifelong appreciation for Music. Our program is designed to offer students the knowledge and skill necessary for future Music education, should they decide to continue Music later in their schooling.

Our instrumental program allows students to learn an instrument of their choice during weekly individual lessons. We currently have four instrumental staff, who offer lessons in either flute, piccolo, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, keyboard, piano, drums, acoustic guitar, ukulele, electric guitar, bass guitar and vocals.

Performing Arts
Students from Grade 4-6 are offered the opportunity to participate in either a backstage role or front of stage role in our annual Wakakirri production. This offers students who are interested in performing arts the chance to work as a team to develop dance routines, minor drama roles, costume design and prop design. Wakakirri runs through term one, two and three. The performance is held at Frankston Arts Centre in August each year, where students can discover the excitement and buzz that it felt from performing on a large, professional stage.

In the Music Classroom
In the junior years, students develop an understanding about basic notes and note value. Instruments such as Boomwhackers, Bells, Djembe Drums and xylophones are used to teach basic music theory and rhythm in a hands-on and enjoyable way. Prep and Grade One Music focuses on preparing students for the skills and knowledge needed to learn recorder, which begins in Grade Two.

Middle school Music provides whole class lessons in Ukulele, Recorder and Drums. Group activities form a major part of middle school music, where students can work on creative tasks such as choreographing a dance and writing and performing rhythm combinations on the Bongo and Djembe Drums.

Senior school involves lessons from all previous year levels with the addition of group keyboard tasks, such as experimenting with sound effects and using technology such as IPads (Garage Band) to create music.


Students at Rosebud Primary School enjoy the specialist subject Visual Art in a weekly 50 minute session in the art room.

Students create visual art works that communicate, challenge and express their own and others’ ideas.

Children experience and explore the art elements using a vast array of art and craft techniques, materials and processes in a supportive environment that encourages the freedom of creativity, individuality, experimentation and problem solving.

The Visual Arts programme encompasses a lunch time art club three times a week in which students are encouraged to come and participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor art activities.

The senior school continue their art experiences with smaller art activities offered in their Friday hobby groups.

Students learn about traditions, histories and cultures of artists, craftspeople and designers.

Physical Education Program

The PE program at Rosebud Primary School has a huge emphasis on the students’ stepping out of their comfort zone across all PE activities, with the students encouraged not to be afraid of making mistakes. There is a strong focus on continuing to develop Fundamental Motor Skills, to a point where they are ready to move into small-sided games. Through these games, students became aware of the spatial requirements, safe conduct and are able to develop and build these basic skills while learning the valuable skills and qualities to make them a good team mate. With improved skills comes friendly match play where understanding good sportsmanship is a major theme throughout. As well as refining basic skill techniques, students also begin learning more complex movements with the aides of different visual cues including immediate skill playback via IPad. Above all, the main aim of the PE program is for every student to:

  • Have FUN.
  • Leave each class looking forward to the next.
  • Learn to work as part of a team.
  • Learn some valuable skills along the way to help turn them into a little sports star!

Physical Education is all about getting involved.

Other major sport events

  • School Triathlon
  • School Swimming Carnival
  • School Cross Country
  • School Athletics Carnival
  • Footy Day
  • Basketball Day
  • After school football program
  • Before school basketball academy
  • Hoop time
  • Kanga Cricket
  • Summer Lightening Premiership
  • Winter Lightening Premiership
  • Boys Netball/Girls Football Day
  • School Walkathon
  • Bike Skills Day
  • Rugby League Gala Day
  • Melbourne United Basketball Experience
  • Various ‘Sporting Schools’ after school sport programs.

Outdoor Education & Camping Program

The overriding reason we do all of our camps at Rosebud Primary School is for life experience and too encourage students to step out of their comfort zone. The outdoor education camping program at Rosebud Primary School is a unique yet sequential camping program where every experience from the Grade Prep Dinner Dance to the Grade 6 Camp at Torquay are intertwined. It provides an ideal platform to teach students about routines, respect and working as teams. The camp experience’s students share each year fosters and strengthens relationships not only among students and their peers, but also between staff and students- THIS IS CRITICAL FOR OUR POSITIVE SCHOOL CULTURE.


Please see below for the outdoor education experiences students take part in at various year levels:

Grade Prep: Dinner Dance

Grade 1: Maze Excursion

Grade 2: Amazing race and overnight camp at school

Grade 3: Overnight camp on McCrae Foreshore with a full Water Safety Program

Grade 3-6: End of year bike rides to Rye & Sorrento

Grade 4: 3 night camp on McCrae Foreshore with a full Water Safety Program

Grade 4-6: Snow camp to Mount Hotham.

Grade 5: City camp with a wide range hands on activities that see the students leave with a “full city experience”

Grade 5: Leadership Hike: Wilson’s Prom. Newly elected students moving into grade 6 the following year set off for a simply life changing and team building experience that will stick with them forever.

Grade 5: Darnum Primary School ‘Country School Experience & Tough Mudder’

Grade 5/6: Water Safety Program (includes swimming, sailing, snorkeling, Stand up paddleboards, surfing, kayaks & lifesaving)

Grade 6: The culmination of all of the camps preceding this one – Torquay Camp. Activities stem from surfing, kayaking and bush cooking to rock climbing and bike riding. This is an outdoor extravaganza that students will remember forever.


Every year level has their own Library that children can access at anytime.  We keep libraries up to date with relevant material for use in classroom sessions.  Café reading is an important part of our program and children having access to these books is essential.  We also visit the Mornington Peninsula library on a weekly basis, where children can borrow books, and have a library session.  This always involves the teacher reading a book to the children. We are the heart of the community and being able to visit the local library in Rosebud, gives children the ability to access books whenever the library is open.  It also encourages families to use this valuable community resource.