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New Build 2021

We are very excited about our new building program.  The Victorian State Government has very generously provided $13.7 million to create a state-of-the-art, two story learning centre and full-size netball/basketball stadium.  Watch this page for regular updates and...

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School tours are always welcomed and encouraged, subject to education department guidelines (e.g. Covid).  We have put together an informative Virtual Tour video that hopefully answers all your questions about our school.  Watch this video to learn about our Targeted...


Early History of the Township

The town of Rosebud is situated on the southern shores of Port Phillip Bay, in the Parish of Wannaeue. Rosebud is in the Shire of Mornington Peninsula. Rosebud provides a major recreational outlet for thousands of holidaymakers each year, and forms part of Melbourne’s beautiful ‘Peninsula Playground’.

There is little recorded history of Rosebud’s beginning, except that fisherfolk of various nationalities were encamped along the foreshore.

The Need to Establish a School at Rosebud

In October 1874 a petition was sent to the Minister of Education requesting that a school be established in the vicinity of Rosebud. This was signed by 25 local residents but was unsuccessful.

Another lengthy petition was prepared by a number of ratepayers of the village of Rosebud and neighbourhood in 1879. They asked that a schoolhouse and a schoolmaster be placed at Rosebud. At the time children had to choose between walking to Dromana (3 miles) or Boneo (4 miles) if they wanted to go to school.

A further application in 1882 was rejected even though there were now 32 children living in the district and a building, the Mechanics Institute, was available to be used on weekdays for a small rental.

More correspondence in 1883 included a list of school age children and this was followed the next year with a list of family names, with names and ages of children