Out of School Hours Care

** From 2023, the OSHC program will be provided by “TheirCare”.  For 2023 OSHC enquiries, please visit www.theircare.com.au

Rosebud Primary OSHC program provides a facility for the before and after school care as well as holiday program for primary school aged children attending Rosebud Primary School.


At Rosebud Primary Outside School Hours Care, we provide a nurturing home-like environment for our children and families where they feel safe, secure and supported at all times. We allow opportunities where the children can develop life skills, communication skills, social & emotional learning skills, self-worth, independence, open-ended learning and creativity. We develop positive relationships between educators, families and children that make them feel welcomed and supported. We provide activities that are inclusive, stimulating and are of the children’s interest. We encourage children to actively engage in the planning of activities which allows them to have a sense of belonging and self-identity within the OSHC program.


To provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children will be cared for while their parents/guardians work, study or seek work, or for parents/guardians who wish for their children to have access to a range of activities and opportunities for them to play with primary school aged children. Access to Rosebud Primary OSHC can be on a permanent or pre booked, casual basis.



OSHC Acceptance and Refusal of Acceptance Policy

OSHC Administration of Medication Policy

OSHC Anaphylaxis Policy

OSHC Asthma Policy

OSHC Child Safe Policy

OSHC Dealing with Complaints

OSHC Dealing with Infectious Disease Policy

OSHC Dealing with Medical Condition Policy

OSHC Delivery and Collection of Children

OSHC Emergency and Evacuation

OSHC Enrolment and Orientation

OSHC Excursion Policy

OSHC Fee Structure

OSHC Governance and Management Policy


OSHC HEALTH AND SAFETY – Nutrition Food and Beverage Policy

OSHC Incident Injury Trauma and Illness

OSHC Interactions with Children

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OSHC Sleep and Rest

OSHC Staff Policy

OSHC Sunsmart Policy

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