Physical and Outdoor Education

The PE program at Rosebud Primary School has a huge emphasis on the students’ stepping out of their comfort zone across all PE activities, with the students encouraged not to be afraid of making mistakes.

We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

The PE program at Rosebud Primary School has a strong focus on continuing to develop Fundamental Motor Skills, to a point where they are ready to move into small-sided games. Through these games, students became aware of the spatial requirements, safe conduct and are able to develop and build these basic skills while learning the valuable skills and qualities to make them a good team mate. With improved skills comes friendly match play where understanding good sportsmanship is a major theme throughout. As well as refining basic skill techniques, students also begin learning more complex movements with the aides of different visual cues including immediate skill playback via IPad. Above all, the main aim of the PE program is for every student to:

  • Have FUN.
  • Leave each class looking forward to the next.
  • Learn to work as part of a team.
  • Learn some valuable skills along the way to help turn them into a little sports star!


Outdoor Education & Camping Program

The overriding reason we do all of our camps at Rosebud Primary School is for life experience and too encourage students to step out of their comfort zone. The outdoor education camping program at Rosebud Primary School is a unique yet sequential camping program where every experience from the Grade Prep Dinner Dance to the Grade 6 Camp at Torquay are intertwined. It provides an ideal platform to teach students about routines, respect and working as teams. The camp experience’s students share each year fosters and strengthens relationships not only among students and their peers, but also between staff and students- THIS IS CRITICAL FOR OUR POSITIVE SCHOOL CULTURE. Please see below for the outdoor education experiences students take part in at various year levels:

Grade Prep: Dinner Dance

Grade 1: Big Goose excursion

Grade 2: Overnight camp – introduction to Water Safety and Enchanted Adventure Maze

Grade 3: Water Safety Program and two night Adventure Camp

Grade 4: Water Safety Program and two night City Camp

Grade 4-6: Optional Snow Camp to Mount Hotham.

Grade 5: Water Safety Program and three night Ballarat camp

Grade 5: Leadership Hike: Wilson’s Prom. Newly elected students moving into grade 6 the following year set off for a simply life changing and team building experience that will stick with them forever.

Grade 6: Water Safety Program and the culmination of all of the camps preceding this one – Torquay Camp. Activities stem from surfing, kayaking and bush cooking to rock climbing and bike riding. This is an outdoor extravaganza that students will remember forever.  Due to the current educational climate regarding camps and excursions, this list may change from time to time.

Other major sport events

  • School Triathlon
  • School Swimming Carnival
  • School Cross Country
  • School Athletics Carnival
  • Footy Day
  • Basketball Day
  • After school football program
  • Before school basketball academy
  • Hoop time
  • Kanga Cricket
  • Summer Lightening Premiership
  • Winter Lightening Premiership
  • Boys Netball/Girls Football Day
  • School Netball Championships
  • Bike Skills Day
  • Rugby League Gala Day
  • South East Melbourne Phoenix Basketball Experience
  • Various ‘Sporting Schools’ after school sport programs.