“Our program is designed to offer students the knowledge and

skill necessary for future Music education, should they decide

to continue Music later in their schooling.”

We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

Music at Rosebud Primary School follows an acronym that is very relevant to a school that is located by the bay: REEF – Relevant, Engaging, Educational, Fun.  Like all other excellent programs at our school, our Music program has been specifically designed to engage students in relevant lessons that are lots of fun while being educationally sound.

Our junior students are very quickly introduced to the underlying heart and building blocks of music – Beat.  Through the use of predominantly percussion instruments, including boomwhackers, glockenspiels, chime bars, djembes, bongo drums and melodic bells, students develop their understanding of rhythm and basic notation.  Music is known as the truly international language, so it is very important for us to develop in our students the ability to read and play the international form of music notation.  This skill continues to develop through the use of the Recorder as an instrument, which is introduced in Grade 3.  More complex music elements and concepts are introduced throughout Grades 4, where the Recorder is continued and the Ukulele is introduced as another fun and very accessible instrument.

In Grade 5, the Ukulele is introduced as another fun and very accessible instrument.  Grade 6 students continue to develop their Ukulele playing skills, engage in project and inquiry topics (such as movie music and advertising jingles), work individually and collaboratively to learn contemporary instruments including guitars, keyboards and electronic drums, and create electronic pieces including GarageBand mixes, BandLab and other cloud-based songs, music videos and “Quaver Creatives”. Our curriculum addresses all areas of the Victorian Curriculum – Explore and Express Ideas; Music Practices; Present and Perform; Respond and Interpret – and is underpinned by the excellent “Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music” program.  Through QuaverEd, every student also has individual web-based access to a huge range of resources, including those used in the music room, so that their learning can continue anywhere and at any time.  All that is required is an internet-enabled device.

Instrumental Program

Our instrumental program allows students to learn an instrument of their choice during weekly individual or small group lessons. We currently have five instrumental staff, who offer lessons in either flute, piccolo, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, keyboard, piano, drums, acoustic guitar, ukulele, electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, trumpet and trombone.  For more information or to book a lesson, please collect an expression of interest form from the school office.