Supporting Our Local Community



The Market

The Market Canteen on every second Saturday of the month, provides valuable funds to support Curriculum initiatives and is a wonderful partnership between teachers, parents and children. The children grow plants and run a plant stall at the market to buy laptops and ipads for use in their classrooms.

The Rosebud Community School Market is held on the second and Fifth Saturday of each month.

If there are five Saturdays in any month then the coordinators conduct a “Trash and Treasure” market… Listed below is the relevant information for items, which relate to the running of the market venue The market is held in the school grounds, which are on the corner of Point Nepean Road and Jetty Road Rosebud .
Saleable Items Plants, craft items, new or home made items and clothing Food Vendors To be able to sell food items specific permission must be obtained form the market coordinator and all relevant food handling guide lines must be complied with. Disallowed items The sale of alcohol, drugs or any other illegal items is not allowed. The school also reserves the right to disallow items on a “case by case” basis. Site Each site is approximately 3 metres wide by approximately 8 metres deep. This will allow vendors to park their vehicles within the site. The school does not provide any tables, chairs or power to the sites. Entry Access is available from 7.30 am and the market is conducted form 8.00 am to 12 noon, Casual Bookings Casual bookings are not accepted as casual sites are allocated on the day on the basis of availability. All effort is made to ensure that as many casuals are provided with a site.   Should you have any further questions either please contact the market coordinator Mr Tom Gibson 0425-816855

Rosebud Op Shop

Our Rosebud Primary School Opportunity Shop is located in Ninth Avenue. It is operated by our local volunteers. All Funds that are raised by the shop return to the school for equipment maintenance and other items that the school council deems feasible. Donations to the shop can be made during 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday volunteers are welcome. For more information contact the school. Should you wish to help out at the op shop please contact the school office on 5986 8274 or have a chat with the staff at the shop.

Rosebud Primary School Op Shop

After Hours Care



At Rosebud Primary outside school hour’s care we provide a nurturing home like environment for children and families, in which they can feel safe, secure and supported at all times.

We allow opportunities where the children can develop life skills, communication skills, social & emotional learning skills, self-worth, independence, open-ended learning and creativity.

We develop positive relationships between educators, families and children that make them feel welcomed and supported.
We provide activities that are inclusive, stimulating and are of the children’s interest. We encourage the children to actively engage in programming of actives which allows the children to have a sense of belonging and self-identities within the OSHC program.

For further information, please contact the school office on 0447 571 726.